Cannabis Products and Services

Advertising in the cannabis industry is tricky and not always straightforward. Stringent laws have been placed to restrict the language and overall message of cannabis advertising. The Cannabis Act outlines all the legalities around the promotion of cannabis, cannabis accessories, and services related to cannabis. The legislation aims to protect public health and safety, specifically:

  • Restricting youth access to cannabis
  • Preventing youth from wanting to use cannabis

Point Blank can help you navigate this newly legalized industry so you remain compliant while also being engaging. We have sophisticated marketing strategies to overcome the regulatory barriers of cannabis advertising.

Our Services:

Social Page:

Create Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. platforms connecting and engaging your brand with your target audience

Native Advertising:

Our creative integration strategies will get your brand the visibility and attraction it merits


Our advanced algorithms deliver a personalized ad experience, ensuring high viewability


We can help you create factual and engaging newsletters to ignite curiosity and build trust with your readers


We connect you with influencers  on social media with similar values and interests that can extend your reach to your intended market.


Our organic search engine optimization services keep you at the top of Google’s search rankings, guaranteeing your first choice selection

Display Advertising:

We can take your brand to the next level by creating sponsored content, articles, blogs, etc. that will attract attention and ignite curiosity

Web Design:

Our cutting edge graphic design will distinguish your brand from the competition

Let us help you navigate this new and exciting landscape.  Get face to face with your client base and your target market. Get Pointblank.